Go Lighter, Go Farther

Lightweight Clubs For Skilled Players

Bringing lightweight design to the player’s category, X enhances speed and distance for mid to low handicap golfers. Featuring a composite driver and forged, workable irons, these clubs offer XXIO’s world-leading lightweight designs to the accomplished player.

Maximize Your Power

Even as a skilled player, ease and lightness offer consistency, repeatability, and increased power. That’s why we created X.

X takes all our accomplishments in lightweight club design and presents them in a better player’s form-factor. These woods and irons augment your skills, giving you an easy swing feel that promotes a better strike and more speed.

Embrace Consistency

Attain a consistent, repeatable swing with Weight Plus. This groundbreaking counterbalancing technology puts brass and rubber weights in the end of each shaft, located behind your hands as you grip the clubs.

That weight helps push the club head up through your backswing for a more consistent top of swing position. And as you begin the downswing, the weight brings your hands into position, keeping your arms closer to your body for a squarer face at impact.

Overall, you’ll feel consistent on every swing. By the numbers, you’ll experience a 13% tighter impact pattern, helping you hit the sweet spot more often. Ultimately, Weight Plus helps harness the power of your swing, adding distance and accuracy every time you hit the course.

Even More Distance

Even the best players can lower their scores with added distance. X gets you there with ball speed technologies inside its Drivers, Fairways and Hybrids that help you go farther, with more distance off the tee and off the deck.

High Speed Cup Face

The Cup Face in X boosts your ball speed with even more of our Super TIX Plus Titanium. This rare, strong, and hyper flexible alloy enlarges the driver’s sweet spot so more of your drives go faster and go farther.

Forgiving Carbon Fiber

Carbon Fiber in the sole of the X Driver repositions head weight low, deep, and around the perimeter. That arrangement adds forgiveness to all your drives plus a higher launch that maximizes distance.

Faster Fairways & Hybrids

The Cannon Sole is a weight pad in the X Fairway Woods and Hybrids that optimizes your launch for maximum distance off the deck. Its unique shape also creates space for larger Cup Faces in each club, providing additional distance on those critical shots.

Forged Strength

Precision forged X Irons offer world-class softness and incredible feel. But they combine that premium forging with powerful ball speed technologies for the ultimate in distance and feel.

Grooved Speed

To boost your speed and distance, we milled a Speed Groove on the backside of each X Iron’s high-strength steel faceplate. This channel around the perimeter flexes at impact, rebounding added energy back into the ball for incredible distance.

Faster Through Turf

Skilled players know to hit down on the ball with a steep attack angle, so X Irons feature a V-Shaped sole that improves turf interaction while provides plenty of control.

Experience The Difference

These are the X Woods and Irons. With them, strong golfers with faster swings can finally experience the unmatched quality and incredible ease that XXIO golfers have enjoyed for decades.