Enjoy Easier Golf

With Clubs Exclusively For Women

XXIO Eleven Ladies Woods and Irons cater precisely to the needs of a woman’s game. They combine female-specific features with lightweight design and extreme counterbalancing. The result is a faster yet easier swing for improved play across the course.

Women-First Design

Our teams independently design XXIO Eleven Ladies Woods and Irons from the ground up. Unlike typical women’s sets, they aren’t adapted men’s product. That specialization starts with a remarkable lightness—far lighter than our men’s sets. Just one swing and you will immediately feel the difference.

Swing Easy

Weight Plus is a groundbreaking counterbalancing technology that puts brass and rubber weight in the end of each shaft, located behind your hands as you grip the club.

That grip weight helps push the club head up through your backswing for a more consistent top of swing position. And as you begin the downswing, the weight brings your hands into position, keeping your arms closer to your body for a squarer face at impact.

Delight In Distance

Hit it past your friends and your personal best with a Driver, Woods, and Hybrids designed to help female golfers hit longer shots. XXIO Eleven Ladies works for you, providing the speed you need to improve your distance.

Maximum Forgiveness

XXIO Eleven’s Driver uses a Star Frame rib stricture to support a sole thickness of just .45mm. That gave us extra mass that we placed low and deep for a higher launch and added forgiveness.

Longer Fairways & Hybrids

The Cannon Sole in XXIO Eleven Fairway Woods and Hybrids improves your launch and ball speed. Its unique shape allowed for a larger Cup Face and more flexible sole. For you, it means more distance when hitting those difficult shots off the deck.

Improve Your Iron Game

Hit iron shots that fly high and go far without swinging harder. XXIO Eleven Ladies Irons feel easy to swing and their complex technologies improve your overall performance, enhancing distance and accuracy on each shot.

Irons With Ease

XXIO Eleven Ladies Irons are forgiving and easy to use thanks to their intricate composite construction. Titanium faces, steel bodies, and tungsten weights help improve all your shots. It’s how you get more distance and more accuracy from easy-to-swing, lightweight irons.

Hit Farther

A titanium face makes your shots faster so they go farther. Two slots cut behind that face, forming a flexible Double Undercut cavity, also increase ball speed, pushing your distance into all-new territory.

Experience The Difference

XXIO Eleven Ladies offers you an easier swing that feels light and effortless. It also improves your play, offering just enough help to keep your ball in the air and on-target. With XXIO Eleven Ladies, experience the joy of easier distance, easier accuracy, and easier golf.